Favorite Eyebrow Products

I am an eyebrow person. I will literally drool over someone with great brows. I used to be that person who knew nothing about brows when I was younger and had made my brows so thin from over plucking and I have even accidentally shaved them off. I have had my eyebrows professionally done, waxed, and threaded, but only a couple of times. I prefer to maintain my own brows. I know their shape, how they grow back, where they are thin and etc. I want to keep my eyebrows in their natural shape rather than trying to change it. Now, remember your eyebrows are more like sisters, not twins. They may even be cousins so do not let this frustrate you, embrace it!


These are some of my favorite eyebrow products that I have been using over the years. They are each unique in their own way but always give me a great brow day! 


I only pluck my eyebrows about once a week, if that, sometimes I'll go longer. I'm not doing any major plucking. I am just getting rid of the stray hairs. I use the beauty 360 double ended tweezers. I believe I picked these up from TJ Maxx and I absolutely love them. They do such a nice job. One side is extremely pointed for precision and specific hairs, as where the other side is slanted and flat for larger areas of hair removal.

I use these little hair trimmers to shave around the eyebrows and I even use them on my face. Just be very careful not to shave off an eyebrow. They are very inexpensive and typically come in a pack and can be found anywhere. The blade isn't crazy sharp either.


The most affordable eyebrow pencil would have to be the e.l.f. instant lift eyebrow pencil  (not pictured) in taupe. It comes with a pencil on one end and a spooly on the other end. I have been using this for years because it works and is so affordable. It's not too creamy or too waxy. It is pigmented so always use a light hand. It does a very nice job covering sparse areas quickly.

The NYX micro brow pencil in taupe is also very nice. It comes with a very thin pencil on one side and a spooly on the other. I love how thin it is because I can get really precise with drawing in hairs. Again use a light hand because it is a little creamier and pigmented. I don't repurchase this as often because I feel like I go through it quicker than others.

D I S C L A I M E R: I use taupe in most of my eyebrow products which people with blonde hair would reach for this color. I do this because I am not a fan of dark eyebrows. I prefer my eyebrows to be very light and natural looking and I can darken them up with a powder if I would like to.

The only high-end eyebrow pencil I own, the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow definer in taupe. I absolutely love this pencil. It is a triangular brow pencil and I find it to be so perfect with defining your brow shape because of the angle. This pencil is creamy so be careful because you can go from a good brow day to a dramatic brow in an instant. Again it has the pencil on one end and the spooly on the other.

My last eyebrow pencil would have to be the NYX sculpt and highlight brow contour in brunette. It comes with a brow pencil on one end a cream highlight/concealer on the other end. This pencil is very waxy/dry compared to the others but I love the cream highlight that comes with the pencil to help clean up your brows and sculpt them out to be more defined. I don't do that very often, only when I am going with a more dramatic, night out look.

P O W D E R S   &   B R U S H E S

I do not use powder often. Only when I run out of eyebrow pencils or when I really need to fill in some sparse areas and lightly darken up the brows. I've been loving the City Color bold brow palette. It comes with a dark and light brown. It does have some fallout but it's very pigmented so a little goes a long way. I have had to redo my eyebrows a few times because I accidentally made them too dark with a heavy hand.

I like to pair the powder with my Brow Gal brow brush by Tonya Crooks. It comes with an angled brush on one end and a spooly on the other. It came in a boxycharm one month and I've loved it every since. The brush has the perfect angle and is so soft.



I have tried a few gels for my eyebrows but this is my all time favorite. I will try others but will constantly go back to this one. It is the e.l.f. clear brow and lash mascara. It's so affordable and it doesn't make my eyebrows hard but holds them in place.

  So there you have it, my favorite eyebrow products. I am always on the hunt for good eyebrow products but these are always in constant rotation. If you have any favorites, please share below!