Meet the Dodsons


Hi, I'm Jalesa,

the main voice behind this blog. I'm young, married, a mama bear to two littles 6 years apart, & a free spirit when it comes to life. I started this little corner of the internet to share my everyday learning experiences navigating through life, because if we're being honest, it can be hard to do it alone. Anything about everyday parenting, travel adventures and life, sprinkled with some book talks and beauty, can all be found here. I feel like life is a learning experience that should be shared. & I want to do just that with you.

So walk with me or run, (it honestly depends on the day,) through this adventure we call life. We can share in the struggles of parenting, virtually travel together and sing obnoxiously loud on road trips, sip coffee and chat over current reads, and just really share this adventure together.

Let me introduce my muses:

they frequently make appearances here, & you'll occasionally see posts written by the husband


is my handsome stud of a husband. He's the guy who put this blog together & keeps all of the technical stuff up to date. Without him, there would be no blog. He's the encouragement I needed to get this baby started! 


is our sour patch kid. First she's sour then she's sweet, get it? She's a very independent, loving & energetic little munchkin, who I owe much of my inspiration to and is why I want to share so much with others because she's constantly showing me so much about myself.

J a x o n

is the newest member to the bunch and was born late April 2018! He has many posts already written about him, just search pregnancy. His calm and sweet demeanor makes me love being a mother even more than I already did. 


Disclaimer: All photos on the blog are my own unless stated otherwise and will be linked to their original source. If any of my photos would like to be used, feel free to contact me through my contact page.

Love & Light,


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