Smithsonian's Air & Space Museum

I am back with another family fun activity for all ages! We finally visited the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC. It has free admission and tons of exhibits to keep you and your little ones busy. There was a minor line to enter but that's to be expected during the Summer. The line moved very quickly. I believe there was only a line because of a bag check at the entrance. 

Once you enter the museum, it is absolutely breathtaking. There is literally so much to look at that you don't even know where to look.

There are thousands of objects on display throughout the museum. There are two levels so there really is a lot to see. There is A Wright Brothers display, Apollo 11, a gorgeous art gallery, an Imax theatre and planetarium and so much more. There are discovery stations, videos, games, story time and again so much more. We literally could not get through everything and I cannot wait to go back. I loved how hands on a lot of displays were because I didn't have to constantly tell my daughter to stop touching.

If you are all about history and learning more about the history of air and how it all started and more about space, then this is the place for you.

Even if you are not big into history or air and space, I would still say take the time to go see it because I honestly believe we should surround ourselves with things that encourage the growth of our knowledge and you'd be surprised of what you may learn. You may be inspired to learn more. I know I am!

If you are in DC or the DMV be sure to also check out the National Zoo.