Smithsonian's National Zoo

I am all about finding fun things to do for the family that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. If you live in the DMV area or up for a little road trip then the National Zoo is for you. It's a great adventure for any age group. The best part is that it's free!

There are a variety of exhibits that range from the reptile house, kid's farm, great cats, elephant trail, and much more. The zoo is a lot bigger than I remember. There are live demonstrations, a carousel, food places, gift shops, and a different range of events throughout the year. For example, during Christmas time they have ZooLights where they decorate the zoo in beautiful Christmas lights.

Be prepared to walk. There is a lot of walking and my little one oftenget tired. The zoo does provide rental strollers as well if you need them. 

The zoo provides parking for a flat rate of $22.00 or you can take the metro if accesible. We personally take the metro whenever we visit because we live in the city. Then we have a short walk from the metro to the zoo. We'll usually stop at the Starbucks across the street to pick up some caffeine. We'll take a potty break and then float around the zoo until lunch. We try to get there when it first opens because it's not too hot. Even if it is hot outside there are plenty of indoor exhibits, shade, and water misters throughout the zoo. We also like to bring our own food because the food at the zoo can be expensive. I wouldn't say the zoo is crowded whenever we go. I believe because it's so big that people are spread out all over the place making it not seem so dense. 

To be honest, because the zoo is such a big space and because we have a little one who gets tired fairly quickly we don't stay too long and we don't get to see everything. But because it's not too far and because it's free we have no problem taking many different trips to the zoo.

I hope that information was helpful guys!

Have you ever been to the Smithsonian's National Zoo? What's your favorite part? I would love to know.