Wishes for my Kindergartener

It's getting real.

Imagine this: You no longer walk your child to class and help her put away her things and get breakfast. Instead, you walk your child to the cafeteria with all the other grades, she gets in line for breakfast, and then sits at the designated table and eats her food. She talks and plays with her friends as she waits for her teacher to walk her to the classroom. As she's in line, she wanders out of line and heads to the wrong class. The school has to search for your child and find her sitting in the class next door to her teacher's room. Your child returns to the right classroom and her day begins --- The first day of Kindergarten.

True story guys. That has been my daughter's first day of Kindergarten and it is emotionally overwhelming. I am not ready for all of this. She's really growing up and has more independence. I just pray the rest of her day goes smoothly.

Here's what else I wish for:

I wish that she holds her head high, smile wide and make many friends today. That she laughs and plays. That she develops friendships that could potentially last a lifetime.

I wish that she remains open-minded and listen to those around her and admits when she is wrong but is inspired to do better than before.

I wish that she absorbs all of the new information that she is going to learn this year.

I wish that her speech continues to improve and that she takes the time to slow down and think before reacting.

I wish that she embraces help from others and isn't afraid to ask questions when she doesn't understand.

I wish that she continues to grow emotionally, physically, mentally, educationally, and spiritually throughout this school year.

But most of all, I wish that she has fun.

This has been such an emotional day coming. She is my only child and I have so many hopes and dreams for her. I want her to develop her own hopes and dreams. I want her to learn as much as she can and continue to stand and go after what her heart desires.

I wish that my daughter has an amazing Kindergarten Year.

Any other first time kindergarteners or preschoolers starting school this year?

Love & Light,