Second Trimester

Weeks 13-27

It's here! I've come to the end of my second trimester. It honestly has flown by and it was such a smooth trimester.

Baby Dodson will be here before we all know it. The anticipation is among us and we're starting to really feel all of the excitement and fear. Now that I am entering my third trimester, we're really preparing for his arrival. We plan to set up our baby registry soon because our baby shower will be at the end of March. We've written down a list of things we want and need. We also bought a few onesies and thought about our birth plan. It's getting real!

So like I said, the second trimester has been smooth sailing. No more nausea or vomiting. I gained a lot more energy and did way more stuff compared to my first trimester. The bursts of energy come and go and I still take naps. It's so important to listen to your body during this time. 

For those of you that don't know, we're having a baby boy! We're so excited and my daughter was right all along about having a baby brother. I first felt baby flutters around 16 weeks. I first felt full on baby kicks around 20 weeks. Towards the end of my second trimester, he really showed me how much he likes to kick and how hard he can kick. He's very active around the evening/night time and early in the morning. He doesn't like to be touched by others. lol. Whenever he's kicking and I tell someone to touch my stomach he'll stop. It's the funniest thing. He sits very low and loves to move around. Because he sits so low, I have to use my belly band to support my belly and jeans from falling down. 

I also got the flu around 21 weeks pregnant, right before Christmas. It was horrible but baby is more than okay. It was mostly just a really rough time for me.

In your second and third trimester, it's important to lay on your side, especially your left side because it provides better blood flow for baby. It took a lot of getting used to. If you sleep on your back, you can cut off baby's blood supply. My husband bought me a pregnancy pillow for Christmas and it has made sleep so much better since I'm getting so big. According to my husband, I also started to snore. lol. Not everything in pregnancy is pretty.

My cravings have been pretty normal throughout the second trimester but I have started to drink way more water because I'm always feeling dehydrated by the evening. I like to add lemon to my water. I also started to carry around snacks because I am always hungry! I've gained a total of 22 pounds since the beginning of my pregnancy. I'm supposed to gain the most weight in my third trimester.

I am starting to get stretch marks but what can you expect, I'm growing a human. I started to make a big deal about it but they're not horrible looking and it's part of the process.

I'm still taking my Rainbow Light Prenatal One Multivitamins and at night because that's when I remember.

Now that I am entering my third trimester, I visit the doctor every 2 weeks. It's really getting real. But I am so excited to meet my son! 

Love & Light,