February Beauty Favorites

I've been reaching for these products all month long, and most of last month.


The Mario Badescu Skincare Facial Spray with aloe, herbs, and rosewater isn't anything new but it's new for me. I picked up the smaller size from Urban Outfitters and I am obsessed. It feels so refreshing on the face and smells so nice. I love to spray it on the face when I've gotten out of the shower or on no makeup days. It gives a nice healthy glow to the skin while hydrating it.


When I saw the commercial for Maybelline Total Temptation mascara I knew I had to get it. I am a drugstore mascara girl all the way. It took me forever to find this mascara! It was sold out everywhere. When I did come across it, it was the very last one. I wear this mascara every day. It gives me just the right volume and length I want in a mascara without making my eyelashes look crazy dramatic or clumpy. I really love the brush on this mascara mostly. It's all about the brush when it comes to mascara.


I went a little bit crazy and ordered some things from Colourpop. The Colourpop Pressed Powder Face bronzer is amazing. I can't remember the shade but it's the perfect shade to warm up the face and it is not a shimmer bronzer. This stuff is crazy pigmented, so always start with a light hand. And don't worry it's easy to blend if you are a little heavy-handed.

The Colourpop Brow Boss in light brown and the Brow Boss Gel are my new favorite eyebrow products. I love the formula and precision of the brow boss pencil, not the color. I may have to go a shade darker. I was hesitant on the gel at first because it's not clear! It's actually white, but don't worry, it dries clear. Luckily I had watched a video on Youtube (KathleenLights) where she explains she just taps her eyebrows lightly after applying the gel. This stuff really holds down your brow hairs! I personally go back in and brush through them once the gel has dried to really give my brows the feather effect I like.


And the last Coloupop product is the No Filter Concealer in Medium30. I needed a new concealer that was great for every day, affordable, and not too heavy. It's perfect. I wear this even on my no foundation days. It has amazing coverage for it not to be so thick and blends nicely. 

The Dr.Bronner's Naked Organic Lip Balm has been my go-to for my dry lips this cold season. There's no scent or flavor. It's very hydrating and doesn't just disappear. I actually stole it from my husband and I believe he stole it back from me because I have no idea where it is.



As always everything will be linked. What are your current go-to products?

Love & Light,