First Trimester

Weeks 1-13

If you haven't read my TTC & Pregnancy post, read it here. But I am officially out of my first trimester and oh how happy I am! This first trimester was rough, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Once I found out I was pregnant I immediately stopped drinking coffee and scheduled a doctor's appointment. In your first trimester, you ideally visit your doctor twice. I went at 8 weeks and at 12 weeks. At the first appointment I was supposed to be 10 weeks according to my missed period but after measuring the munchkin I measured at 8 weeks 5 days. But the first appointment is just getting a checkup done basically and getting an idea of medical history and concerns. The second appointment we listened to the baby's heartbeat and received an information guide to use throughout my pregnancy and labor and delivery. There are multiple different tests that are optional (in our case) and offered during this time but my husband and I opted out of them.

Now around week 6 is when my pregnancy went to hell. I was already concerned about miscarriage and trying to minimize stress but on top of that morning sickness kicked in and it kicked hard! I was sick 24/7 it felt like and I could not eat anything. Everything made me sick. The only thing that I could eat was hot Cheetos and Popeyes which is not common for me. Toward week 8 I could start eating my normal food again but the sickness was still there. All I did was sleep and vomit basically. Around week 10 it diminished almost instantly. I switched to taking my prenatal at night and drinking a lot more water.

I chose to no longer be vegan throughout my pregnancy but will eat majority vegan at home, about 80% of the time since my husband is vegan. I completely rid myself of coffee. I began drinking 1 cup of green tea a day or every other day towards the end of my first trimester. I love peppermint tea and it helps with gas and bloating because it's very real. I love eating Kale and will boil a minimum of 2 pots of it a week and eat all of it with apple cider vinegar. And I take the Rainbow Light Prenatal One Multivitamin.

I am starting to show a lot sooner than my first pregnancy and went out and bought a belly band to wear over my current jeans rather than buying maternity jeans and I absolutely love it. I also had to buy new bras because the boob growth is real. I gained a total of 6 pounds during my first trimester.

All in all, I am so happy to be pregnant again and to add another member to our family. Even though the first trimester was rough I am so grateful to have a healthy pregnancy. They say you get more energy within the second trimester and I hope so because the daily naps and early bedtimes are still happening.

Love & Light,