It's a . . . Gender Reveal!

We're beyond excited to let everyone know that the newest member of the Dodson clan will be...

A   B O Y !


It's been so hard not to say he on social media but now we finally can. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant and we found out at 18 weeks. We wanted to do one of those super cool gender reveals but before the technician could even ask, my husband was already yelling it's a boy! I secretly hoped for another little girl and I think that's because I'm used to being a girl mom. But I'm so happy for our little blessing and my husband won't be outnumbered. haha! He'll have himself a little partner now.

The craziest part about all of this is if you read my TTC & Pregnancy blog post, my daughter not only knew I was pregnant but knew I was having a boy, long before any of us knew. It truly shows that sometimes God won't speak directly to you, but through the ones around you and oh man! God was speaking to my little girl.

Stay tuned for lots more posts throughout my pregnancy! You can read my 20+ week pregnancy update here.

And check out our cute and funny photos below!


Love & Light,