20+ Week Pregnancy Update: Halfway There!


I am 23 weeks and 2 days today! I am more than halfway there and in about 4 months or so we will be meeting Baby Dodson. We are so excited! And now that the holidays are over, we can really focus on preparing for baby's arrival. We have quite a bit we want to do around the house just to make the transition as smooth as possible.

We have not announced baby's gender to the internet yet, but we will soon. Our friends and family do know the sex of the baby and we're all excited, especially big sister Jordan. She is always telling us the things she's going to do to help out when baby gets here. (You can actually see our gender reveal here!)

Baby Dodson is the size of a bunch of grapes and I'm sure weighs over a pound now. Baby was measuring a little big when we went to the anatomy ultrasound.

I would say my second trimester so far has been smooth sailing compared to my first trimester. I honestly forget that I am pregnant sometimes. I've been using my belly band whenever I wear jeans which is a life saver but now I am choosing leggings and sweatpants more often. My belly is growing more and more every day and baby sits kinda low. I love feeling all of the kicks and Johnathan finally felt Baby Dodson kick and it was the cutest thing.

I've been drinking lots of lemon water because regular water was getting boring especially since I have to drink a lot of it. I've definitely seen an increase in my appetite. They say in your second trimester you get a lot more energy. I have seen that energy come and go. I definitely have seen a pregnancy glow. My hair is long and thick (I can't wait to cut it!) and my face has cleared up a lot!

I did get the flu about a week ago and had to go to the hospital because my fever refused to go down, even with Tylenol. I was basically quarantined away from my family for a whole week and it was really hard and emotional. Thank God I am okay and baby is okay.


My husband bought me a pregnancy pillow for Christmas and it is honestly the best thing I have ever owned! It supports my neck, back, and belly all at the same time since I'm sleeping on my side now. Sleep has never been so good. It's funny how it takes up the whole bed almost and we have a king.

That's basically all the updates I have. I'm so ready to start preparing the house for baby's arrival. 

Love & Light,