Current Favorite Children Books: 002

Tis the season to bring out all of the Christmas themed books!

  Santa's Sleigh is on its way to Virginia


This is such a cute book to get the kids excited about Santa's arrival. The best part is that it's specific to your state. We got this for Jordan when we were still living in Virginia and the book takes you and Santa to the many cities throughout Virginia. So it makes it feel more real in my opinion. We're thinking about picking up the one for Washington DC this year.

The Polar Express


This book is a classic. I remember in elementary school wearing my pajamas to school, with a bell walking around in a "train" throughout the school with my classmates. And I love the movie. I would say this book is what really solidified our decision in teaching Jordan about Santa. It's such a beautiful story about imagination and the power in believing.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Who can forget about the mean old Grinch who stole Christmas then grew a heart and gave it all back? I love Dr. Seuss and this is just such a holiday classic. It's also giving the message that Christmas isn't solely about presents. It's about friends and family and that's all you need to celebrate it. The book and classic movie are musts in our household.

How to Catch Santa


Guys! This is such a cute book! It's literally a how-to book on how to catch Santa. The best one is seeing your little one trying some of the ideas, like putting carrots on the windowsill. Jordan is always asking will she catch Santa this year. Again it's just a fun book to encourage the little one's imagination.

There you have our favorite children books for the holidays. We have literally been reading these books every day since the month has started. I'm always on the lookout for new children books, especially now during the holidays, so feel free to leave any suggestions.

Love & Light,


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