Our Holiday Traditions

I think one of the best parts of the holidays is to create family traditions that you and your little ones will remember for years to come.

Beginning December first we watch one holiday movie a night. We own quite a few and around this time all you see on tv and Netflix are holiday movies so we have tons of options.

We also start our advent calendar. We typically get one full of chocolate and the one we got this year has fun activities to do each day.

The first full week of December we send our letter out to Santa.

This will be our first year sending out Christmas cards and we're quite excited about it.

Typically on the first day of December, we put up the Christmas decorations although we decorated a little bit earlier this year. The cutest part is that Jordan has her very own 4 ft Christmas tree that she gets to decorate all by herself and she loves it. Mommy loves it too because then I can decorate the big tree to my liking without any tears.

Christmas Eve, we like to bake cookies, watch movies, read books, and play board games all day. We also typically stay in our pajamas all day because why not. Some of our favorites books include:


Christmas Eve Night, we leave out milk and cookies for Santa and reindeer food (glitter and oatmeal).

The next morning on Christmas Day, we open presents then head to Virginia to visit family.

This has been our holiday traditions for the last few years and I'm sure for years to come. We really do look forward to this time of year. It's such a warm and cozy time spent with family creating memories.

What are some of your holiday traditions?

Love & Light,