Eastern Market During the Holidays

If you didn't know how much we love Eastern Market, you can read more here. Eastern Market only gets better during the holidays. Although it's cold outside, you can still feel the holiday spirit in the air coming from the different sellers and the people wandering throughout the marketplace. I'm honestly shocked how many booths are out there during this time of year.

It was nice walking through the market tasting different fruits and bread, trying on jewelry, and smelling the wreaths and Christmas trees. You can find so much here that range from your Christmas tree to jewelry, to furniture, to clothes, to food. And the people are so sweet and proud of their work. We actually did some Christmas shopping here this year for friends and family. I think the gifts will be a little more special because they're handmade gifts and you can see the care in each gift.

We didn't get a real Christmas tree this year but seeing people carry their trees home, or having them strapped to their bikes and cars really made me want one. My husband says we can go back to get a wreath. 

Since it starts getting darker earlier, seeing all of the lights in the market make it feel so magical.

Eastern Market will forever be one of my favorite places in the city.

Love & Light,