DIY Christmas Wreath

It's that time of year where not only I, but my husband as well, get a little crazy with the Christmas decorations. It's also that time when I feel a little craftier and want to DIY everything. It just feels right ya know? Well, I wanted to DIY a Christmas wreath that I could hang in the house.  As we all know Christmas wreaths, and I mean elaborate Christmas wreaths can be so expensive. $40 and above kind of expensive. I spent $26 on mine! I got everything from Target because I'm an addict like that, but you can easily go to a craft store or probably even a dollar store for the supplies.

Our Christmas decorations are going to be red, gold, and wood elements, hence why I chose the specific supplies in the pictures for my wreath. But feel free to choose whatever you'd like.

Here's a quick visual:

Disclaimer: I took these pictures at night not realizing how crap my lights were. I was just super excited to make the wreath, but I edited them the best I could, and they came out quite well.

Here's a more detailed explanation:

  •  Choose the type of wreath and supplies that you want. The wreath I choose is more of a felt material and I believe it has small wires inside making the pieces flexible. The materials I chose were my desired colors. They contained wires for wrapping around the wreath or clips to where I could just clip them on. 

To be a little more specific: The red flowers contained a small metal clip on the back, such as a hair clip. The bunches of gold and red balls and other material came wrapped in a bunch. But, if you removed the paper holding them together, you can peel or rip them apart, making individual stems which then exposes the tiny wires good for wrapping around the wreath. Also, the reason why I didn't need to buy as many.

  • Arrange your pieces in the desired location. It's basically a rough draft to get a feel of what the end result will look like.
  • Start clipping, wrapping, intertwining, and even hot gluing where needed. I had to glue the bow on the top because the sticker was not going to hold, so I ripped it off.
  • Tie a little string around the frame so that you can hang it.
  • All done!

It turned out better than I thought it would. I am so happy with the end result and it looks like a wreath you could buy right out the store. 

It's also reusable, so I can hang this wreath up again next year. 

Happy Holidays!