10 Stocking Stuffers Under $10 For Little Kids

I think my favorite part as a kid was looking in my stocking on Christmas morning. It's always interesting to see what can fit in that small stocking. 

  • Hatchables: I am talking about the mini eggs, not the crazy expensive giant eggs. My daughter is obsessed with these little things and surprisingly hasn't lost one yet. I think it's the unknown factor of what could be inside.
  • Shopkins: Another mini collectible series of toys. I see tons of kids obsessed with these in store. 
  • Mini Lego Packs: As we know, legos can be expensive and often times the pieces just end up getting lost. My daughter has come to love building legos with dad on the weekends and with the tiny pack, we're not spending a fortune.
  • Mini Coloring Books: These are great activities for the kids especially during some quiet time or on car rides. I love the coloring books that come with markers or crayons attached.
  • Hot Wheel Cars: These are still popular among the little ones. I see so many kids playing with their tiny cars at restaurants to keep them occupied. My daughter likes to have races with them.
  • I Can Read Books: These are great inexpensive books for little ones, especially those that are just beginning to read.
  • Little Golden Books: These are a classic series of books that focus on a wide range of popular characters that are fun to read during story time.
  • Slippers: You can never have too many slippers, especially as a kid.
  • Play-Doh: It can be messy but it can be a lot of fun for the littles to express their creativity and is a fun quiet time activity.
  • Candy and/or Fruit Snacks: Because what kid wouldn't love that fun surprise in their stocking!?

May your shopping be quick and painless this holiday season!

Love & Light,