Current Empties: 002

Disclaimer: I wrote this post before taking the photos of the products mentioned below. Well...I threw away the products before taking pictures so I have no photos, but everything is linked.

Now back to the post...

I feel like my empties quickly grew after my first empties post. I've just really been trying out a lot of new products as well as using up what I already own.


My Shea Moisture African Black Soap Problem Skin Toner is one of my all time favorites and I believe this is the third one I have used up. It's used to clear and balance blemished, oily skin, which I have. It's very gentle on the skin. No harsh scent, and it doesn't dry out my face. I like to spray a cotton pad then apply to my face in upward motions, twice a day.

The most recent moisturizer I have finished is the Derma E Very Clear Moisturizing Cream. I was using this with the facial wash as well, but I think I threw the bottle away. It's meant to rebalance, condition, and normalize your complexion for clearer, more nourished skin. I think it helped my skin to an extent. This moisturizer does have a very strong, medicinal scent to it, which I didn't like. Would I repurchase, probably not.

The Tarte Maracuja Oil had to be more of my husband's favorite rather than mine. I used this oil as extra hydration before applying makeup. A little goes a long way.  It does have a very earthy scent to it but it didn't bother me. It did provide the extra hydration I needed, but it also claimed to control excess sebum (oil) and I did not see that happening. But the benefits of Maracuja oil are really good for you such as the hydration and anti-aging benefits.


The only hair product that I have used up and remembered to save was the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle. I like using this for my edges when I am wearing my hair up. Or I like to apply it to my ends before allowing my hair to air dry. It does not dry the hair out, gives it enough hold, and does not make your hair crusty and flaky. It will also help tame frizz as long as you are not constantly touching your hair.


So I picked up the Kat Von D Lock It Setting Spray because so many people in the beauty community swear by it. I only purchased the trial size because I wanted to try it out but I don't know how I completely feel about it. Do I think that it locks in my makeup and lasts all day, I do, but I must have picked up a wonky sprayer because it sprayed weird. I don't think it sprayed evenly at all. So I think I may repurchase to give it another try.

I used up quite a bit of eyebrow products recently, and mascara because those are the two types of products I wear daily. 

I finished the Buxom trial size mascara which ended up being a favorite recently. I remember not originally liking it but the more I used it, the more it grew on me. I also used up the trial size Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara. I believe it came in a kit. I've used this mascara many times before and although it is good, it's not a favorite of mine. I remember loving it a whole lot more than I do now. Personally, I don't see myself repurchasing any of these, at least not the full size. I'm actually more of a drugstore mascara kind of girl.

I have three eyebrow products to share. First is the e.l.f  Instant Lift brow pencil that y'all have seen over and over again. I repurchase it often because it's affordable and it works. I actually already repurchased another one.

A recent favorite of mine was the Revlon Colorstay brow pencil. I love the formula of it, not the color. I may repurchase this one but there are other drugstore brow pencils I love more.

Last is the MAC Lingering Eye Brow Crayon. I received this in a subscription box and it has taken me forever to use because I didn't reach for it. I don't like the packaging or the pencil itself. It says crayon but there is nothing crayon like to it. I used it mainly for outlining my brows then using another pencil to fill them in.

Those are my most recent empties, and although I didn't fully love each one, and don't plan on repurchasing, I did give them a full trial and used them until gone

Love & Light,