College Park Aviation Museum

So funny story, I tried taking my daughter to this museum last summer. We drove all the way there, which isn't far, about 20 minutes, just to find that I had forgotten my wallet. I was quite upset and so was Jordan. Well one year later, during spring break, we finally made it. 

The College Park Aviation Museum is located near the College Park campus of UMUC. The museum is located next to the world's oldest continuously operating airport celebrating aviation milestones. It's true! We saw actual planes flying and it was the coolest thing! It does cost to get in but nothing too steep. Adults are $5 and children are $2. The people who work there are very friendly and knowledgeable.

My favorite part about the museum besides it not being crazy busy, was how hands on the museum was. I didn't have to worry about telling Jordan not to touch something. She could touch practically everything and even get inside of a plane and helicopter. Kids can dress up as little pilots. There are books, puzzles, a bike to fly a plane based off of a study conducted by the college, and a lot more to keep little hands busy. If you have older kids, there is a really cool book meant to serve as an informational scavenger hunt. Jordan was not interested.

I would say we spent a little over a hour at the museum. We would have probably stayed longer but we were super hungry and there is no cafe in the museum, nor can you eat and drink in the museum, which is standard.

Jordan could not stop talking about the aviation museum and how cool and fun it was. I would definitely say this museum was a win and we'll come back to visit often.

Check out photos from our day, all were taken on the Samsung Galaxy S7, because mom forgot her camera. 

If you're in the DMV area, be sure to check this museum out. Your kids will love it!

Love & Light,