Hospital Bag Checklist

After doing tons of research and going on the hospital tour, this is my list of items that would make me feel comfortable during labor and delivery.

The hospital does recommend you bring two separate bags, pre-baby, and post-baby.


  1. If you have a birth plan, make sure to bring your birth plan.
  2. Any vitamins you are taking because you're still going to need to take them.
  3. Snacks- some hospitals/doctors will let you snack during labor. Bring some granola bars to keep your energy up and a reusable water bottle/cup to stay hydrated.
  4. Book or Card game. I'm bringing a book in case I want to read and I'm bringing Uno to play with my husband during the calm parts of labor. *Keep in mind, you don't know how long you will be in labor, you want to keep calm and occupied.
  5. Phone Charger and Camera and any other necessary tech. 
  6. No Slip socks in case you are cold but also want to walk around.
  7. Slippers or some time of slip-on shoes to walk around the hospital in.
  8. Overnight things for the husband, such as clothes and toiletries, and maybe even a pillow.
  9. Toiletries for yourself such as skincare, haircare, and makeup. I am not packing any makeup because putting on makeup will be the least of my concerns.


  1. Your own clothes and robe that makes breastfeeding easy.
  2. Underwear (that you don't care about) and nursing bras.
  3. Nipple cream and nipple pads if you do plan to breastfeed.
  4. Maxi pads - The hospital is supposed to provide you with pads and mesh underwear. This is honestly a personal preference.
  5. Towel/washcloth because the hospital towels are thin and small.
  6. Bring your breast pump if you have questions for the lactation consultants. This is honestly optional to you but I think I will bring mine.

For baby

  1. Car seat - this will need to be properly installed before coming to the hospital. You cannot leave with your baby without a properly installed car seat. 
  2. Boppy which makes breastfeeding a lot easier.
  3. Swaddling blankets, although the hospital will have its own. 
  4. Clothes in newborn and 0-3 months because you won't know how big baby will be.

If you have other children, make sure to pack snacks and activities such as coloring books, books, and small toys for when they come to visit. I know a lot of parents like to pack gifts, but I don't know if this is something my husband and I will actually do.

Honestly, pack whatever is going to make your hospital stay feel comfortable for you. This whole experience is about you and your newborn baby and you want it to be a calm experience. Some like the minimalist approach and some like to over-pack. Do what is right for you.

Love & Light,