Current Favorite Children Books: 003

The World is Awake - A Celebration of Everyday Blessings

Linsey Davis


This is a beautifully illustrated book with beautiful rhymes that really make the book flow. It follows a little boy and his sister as they go through their day and take time to notice the everyday joys and blessings that we often times look over. It encourages us to slow down and to be thankful for the butterflies, the trees, the breeze we feel in our hair. To say thank you for the food that we eat and the people we meet, all thanks to our amazing God.

What Sisters Do Best

Laura Numeroff


We picked this book up since we are expecting, and Jordan will soon be a big sister. We really wanted her to get excited about all of the things she'll be able to do with her baby brother. She'll teach him how to climb trees, swim, play soccer, build an airplane, and so much more. It's awesome because she is currently learning how to read, and this book is a great book to read to her baby brother.

When God Made You

Matthew Paul Turner

This is my husband's favorite book to read to Jordan at night. Again the art is absolutely stunning and the poetry is just so beautiful and peaceful while reading it. Jordan has even memorized some of the sentences in the book. It's just a very inspirational book that uplifts and encourages the beauty of every child who reads it because God made them for a purpose, and that purpose is absolutely wonderful.

I Like Myself

Karen Beaumont


We picked this book up because Jordan is in school and it seems like the bullying and the comparing is starting younger and younger, so we wanted to pick up a book that encourages her to be herself. There is nothing wrong with who you are and to like yourself no matter what. Jordan really loves it. The pictures are so pretty and it's actually a pretty silly book.

The Bad Seed

Jory John


This is a funny book about a sunflower seed who lived a basic sunflower life and all was good until a dramatic event happened, causing something to break inside of him, making him a bad seed. He was so bad and was bad on purpose until one day he just wanted to be good. Being bad was no longer fulfilling him. So he started doing more good than bad and he actually started to feel good again. It's such a cute book and at one point we were reading this book every day for two weeks straight.

A really cool thing we started doing is picking out a chapter book series and reading one chapter a night before bed. We started with the Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osborne. We're currently on book #3 Mummies in the Morning. I think this is a great way to really have your child sit and listen and focus on the story rather than the pictures. There are a few pictures but it's mainly just the story. Jordan has really been enjoying this series which is so cool because I grew up reading the Magic Tree House.

Those are our current favorite children books. What books are you and your kids enjoying?

Love & Light,