Walker Mill Regional Park

I don't know how I stumbled upon this park, but I remember seeing the pictures and knew we had to go. This park is so much better than the pictures!


There is a skate park, trails, basketball courts, plenty of parking, and of course the amazing playground! The playground is huge and accommodates for every age. The theme is so cute down to every detail! The bathrooms are located near by so you won't have to travel far for when your little one needs to use the bathroom. There's also a water fountain for those hot days. The great thing is they have these giant mushrooms with picnic tables underneath to provide shade. There are also misters throughout for the kids to cool off with. Make sure to put some sunscreen and bug spray on the little ones.

The park is so nice and my daughter really enjoyed herself. Her favorite part was of course the swings! You know a playground is a success in her eyes if there are swings.

It's about a 20 minute drive from where we are in DC which isn't bad at all.

That day we played for about an hour and then headed to Chik Fil A down the street for lunch.

We will be back soon!


Love & Light,