Weekend Getaway to Kill Devil Hills


I think this has to be our favorite place to go when we just want to get away for the weekend. It’s not a long drive and the beach is never crowded. Our family has so much fun on these mini road trips to Kill Devil Hills, that we’ve kind of deemed it as an annual family tradition.

I had been begging my husband for a trip to the beach. I just needed a mini vacation to get away, so we booked a hotel, packed our bags, and we were off!

We typically leave around 7 to 8 am to head down the road and traffic is never too bad during this time. We make at least 2 stops depending on how long the kids have napped and to stretch our legs. We usually make it to our destination around 12/1 pm. It’s obviously way too early to check in, so we tend to go out for lunch or we head straight to the beach for a hour or so. Typically by then, our hotel room is ready.

We all take a family nap, grab some more food and then we’re back on the beach for sunset.

This was Jaxon’s first trip to the beach and he was not a fan of the water. I don’t blame him. I don’t like to go into the ocean either. So while Jordan and Johnathan splashed in the waves, Jaxon and I searched for seashells and rolled in the sand. This little guy loves the sand.

It was really nice this weekend, because the weather wasn’t extremely hot as they were calling for rain. Honestly, it was the perfect weather. The next day was a bit sunnier. We spent the morning at the beach with our breakfast. It’s always sad when Jordan makes a little friend on the day we are leaving. We played on the beach until checkout. We changed, packed up the car then headed to lunch.

There’s this place called WaveRiders which has the best coffee and sandwiches. And if you’re looking more for a burger and fries then you have to go to Kill Devil’s Frozen Custard & Beach Fries. After lunch, we hit the road home. Traffic again wasn’t bad and we were home by dinner time.

We were all exhausted and rested all at the same time. You could tell that our little family needed this mini trip.

Before bed, we had all talked about how we would be back soon, and we were back a lot sooner than we expected.

Love & Light,