Luray Caverns


I haven’t been to Luray Caverns since I was a little girl. I just remember that it was a huge cave and a lot of fun. My daughter is really big into rocks and stones, so I thought let’s go on a mini road trip to the mountains. We left early in the morning and headed to the Caverns. Traffic was good and the kids were excited, at least Jordan was.

The goal was to get there as soon as Luray opened, but of course we were a little past opening time, no big deal. However! The lines were already crazy. I had never seen so many people at one place right when it opens. We decided to stop in the cafe to get food first because the kids being hangry and long lines don’t mix well together. The food line was short and the service was fast. Was it the best food I ever had? No. But it wasn’t the worst either. After everyone had eaten and used the bathroom, we headed to the ticket lines.

The lines were a little chaotic at first, meaning lines weren’t really established. Once the coworkers started making lines the lines moved pretty quickly. From the time we got our tickets until we got to the entrance of the cave was about 30 minutes. The kids handled the wait time pretty well. I think it was my husband and I who were being impatient.

Once you entered in the cave, you have the option to take photos in front of the green screen for a souvenir photo. Then you’re off into the caves! This was the part that I didn’t remember! I remember it was less crowded and there was more room to free roam throughout the caves at your own pace. It was so packed that it was honestly hard to move throughout the caves making the wait times even longer. People were so focused on taking pictures and videos rather than just being present in the moment.

They have tour guides throughout to give you a little information about the caves, and if you stop to listen, you can learn a lot. The look on my daughter’s face was priceless. We had to constantly remind her she couldn’t touch. There were parts where there wasn’t as many people, so we stayed in those areas a little longer to really admire the work of nature.

Overall, my daughter really enjoyed herself and she was the sole reason we decided to go. If it was up to my husband and I, we wouldn’t go again. It was just way too crowded and expensive for the whole experience.

We picked up a few souvenirs and every once in a while, my daughter will remind us of the trip and thanks us for the experience.

Disclaimer: The photos were not the best quality due to lighting and many other factors, but you get the point.

Love & Light,