Road Trip: Kill Devil Hills

One of our goals as a family this year was to travel more. I grew up traveling often and have taken many road trips and Johnathan has only been one place his whole life. Jordan is also now at a good age to where we feel comfortable enough to travel with her.

This road trip was completely spontaneous. We were sitting on the couch watching the Michalak's latest vlog on YouTube and said "let's go on a road trip!" I pulled out my app and went to town. We agreed on the beach and we agreed on a 6 hour or less road trip. We also did not want it to be too crazy expensive just for a weekend trip.

We decided on the Outer Banks because neither of us had been and we found a hotel that landed us in Kill Devil Hills. 

That Friday after Jordan got out of school, we loaded the car up, turned up the tunes which we found an amazing playlist on Spotify, and hit the road. The trip was about 4 and a half hours without traffic, and it took us about 6 hours with traffic and a quick dinner stop at Chik fil A.

We arrived around 10:00pm and unpacked the car and crashed. The next morning we woke up with the excitement of small children on Christmas Day. We grabbed our shoes and ran out to the beach! We made the perfect choice.

It was a little too chilly so we went to go visit a local lighthouse. It was so beautiful! Neither one of us had seen a lighthouse in person. We didn't go up the lighthouse because:

  1. I'm afraid of heights.
  2. Jordan was too young.
  3. The line was long and Johnathan doesn't like to wait.

Nonetheless it was so worth it.

We then headed to the beach for a few hours and were so at peace. I discovered a new found love for collecting seashells.

After some bathing in the sun, we headed to this amazing mexican restaurant called Plaza Azteca and we dug in! Their empanadas, fish tacos, fresh chips and salsa, and the margaritas were fantastic.

After lunch, it was clearly time for a nap. When everyone woke up with a new burst of energy, we grabbed some ice cream cones from a local restaurant called American Pie, played at the small playground and ended our night at the beach until it was too chilly.

I had packed a pasta salad for dinner, so we ate and watched Superman, until it was late and it was clear we needed some sleep.

We left early that morning, but you could tell that each of us felt so refreshed and relaxed after our mini beach trip. It was just what our family needed.

I can't wait to see where our next road trip will take us.