March Newsletter


March was here for like 2.5 seconds and is already gone! I think it flew by so quickly because we were so busy this month that we didn't really stop and notice what day we were on. Unfortunately much blogging wasn't going on due to my computer completely crapping out on me. Blogger struggles. So I'm currently sharing with my husband and it has not been easy or convenient. Fingers crossed for a better solution in April! I have so much to share!

But in the meantime, here's what happened this month.

We kicked off the month celebrating the hubby's birthday! It was a lot of fun and he was tickled pink at our surprises and love for him. It's honestly the little things that matter. You don't need to go out and splurge. Splurge with your time and love for the person you want to celebrate.

I've been really feeling the physical woes of pregnancy. It truly is amazing how much a woman's body can change and adapt for a growing baby.

We've been traveling back and forth a lot to Fredericksburg to visit friends and family.

Our good friends from our home church tied the knot and it was honestly such a stunning wedding. Jordan kept calling the bride a princess all night. I mean her dress was drop dead gorgeous. She was drop dead gorgeous and glowing the whole night. 

Of course we had to grab Carl's for the new season. If you don't know what Carl's is, it's a local ice cream shop and I am obsessed with their pineapple milkshakes. They only take cash but it's worth keeping cash for while in town. 

We've realized we've been living in DC for two and a half years, and our hometown has changed so much. It almost looks unrecognizable. What once felt like home, feels more like a distant cousin. And at the same time, there's still a spot in our hearts, that agrees we're back home when we come to visit. I think it's mainly because of our great friends and family that still live there. 







Of course on the first day of spring, it snowed, because why not! It snowed all day and Jordan was able to have a snow day and play. By the end of the next day, it had all melted, so you couldn't really complain too much.

We had our baby shower and celebrated Baby Dodson! It was everything and more I could hope for. My best friend truly outdid herself. I mean truly outdid herself and I am so blessed and so thankful to have her apart of my tribe.






Soccer started back up and Jordan is beyond excited. We took our hospital tour and things are starting to get real!

Spring break was this month, so my main goal was keeping Jordan busy. I think the best part of Spring break, was taking her to the College Park Aviation Museum. It was really affordable, local to us, with parking, and Jordan had a blast. It was one of those very interactive museums, that are truly the best to take kids to. I'll do a blog post with more information on our experience.

We dyed Easter eggs and made homemade rice krispie treats for the first time ever and they were crazy good. Then we ended our month at some friends' house and it was a lot of fun. I will say it was a lot for me and my introverted self, but also good for me. I had some moments of needing to retreat, but like I said, we have a great community of friends and we ended our month on such a great note with such great people.

And I think that's about it! I know a lot! On top of all of that, we've just been prepping for Baby Dodson! He'll be here before we know it.

There aren't any beauty favorites this month because honestly, I've been basking in that no makeup life. I did however finish a couple of books this month and am halfway through a third.

I read Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth which was very informational. Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson. We read it to prepare our hearts during Lent. And I am in the midst of reading the Commonwealth, which a book talk will be coming soon. I'm on track for my 2018 reading goals.

The biggest thing I would say I have learned this month, is saying yes more to opportunities and invites, despite fears, despite of the unknown, despite your comfort zone, despite your controlling tendencies, despite any reason that is telling you to say no. Say yes more, because there is so much to learn and experience in those yes moments rather than in the no.

Yupp! That was a lot! I told you I had so much to share and so much more is coming! It's been officially 2 years since starting this blog and I've had some rocky moments with it, but it is one of my greatest accomplishments.

I'll talk to you guys soon! And thanks for being apart of my community!

Love & Light,