Thoughts On Having a Second Child

M Y  S I D E

It's been almost 6 years since I've last had a baby. My daughter will be six before we have our son. I have no idea what to expect anymore. I don't remember how to swaddle. I don't remember sleep training or potty training. It's all a blur. I have a kid in elementary school. She can basically fend for herself or tell me what she needs and wants. 

It feels like unknown territory, although I've been there before. I know there are going to be some tough moments. I feel like I'm going to have to learn how to parent all over again. I mean, I haven't changed a diaper in years!!! Can you sense the panic?!?


Although I have a lot of fear from the unknown, I'm so excited to be having a second child. It almost feels unreal, like I'm dreaming. I'm growing another human. Jordan is going to be a big sister. I'm going to be a mom again. And just to think, a few years ago, I never thought we'd have any more children. 

It's truly a blessing. As I'm writing this I can feel his little kicks and turns, and it makes me even more excited to meet him. My heart just swells in anticipation. What is he going to look like? How big is he going to be? Will Jordan love him just as much as we already do? It's a whirlwind of emotions going on.

And although I am afraid of the unknown, I know that God is preparing me for it, preparing our family for it. My husband asks me all the time, "do I think we're going to be good parents to two children?" And of course, I think we are. God blessed us with this rainbow baby for a reason. He knew we were ready for a second child, and He was ready to give us one.

Whatever the challenges may be, I'm ready to add another child, this child, to our family.

H I S  S I D E


Having a second child is simply amazing. I never thought this would be possible I was lucky enough to have one but to add another that’s just awesome. Growing up I was the oldest of six kids and as annoying as that was at times, having my siblings meant all the world to me. I wanted that for my daughter so bad and now she’ll have a little brother to get on her last nerve which is great. 

I’m so happy to be adding this little dude to our family and best believe I’m equally scared. Having a son comes with so many new responsibilities. One of the biggest is teaching him to be a man of God while I’m still learning myself.

But never the less I’m excited for this little man to come into this world so I can show him how incredible it can be.

Love & Light

Jalesa and Johnathan