Book Talk: What A Time To Be Alone


First off, the book is visually stunning. I’ve seen a few people on Instagram mention it. One person I followed was doing a book club with it and so many people were joining in, so I wanted to see what all the hype is about.

This book is good. Really good! I actually plan to gift this to many people for Christmas this year.

Disclaimer: Don’t always judge a book and cover by its title. I thought it had to do with people who were single and not in a relationship. I was wrong.

The whole point of this book is about discovering who you really are. What you like, don’t like, what your tribe looks like, etc. How can you get to know yourself and be the very best version of that person.

The book is beautifully divided into three sections:


“all about evaluating your self-worth, taking your time to heal and knowing how to handle yourself in this messy world.”


“Less about you, and more about the ways other people can become dangerous if we don’t know how to avoid their demons, but also about understanding that everybody is protecting themselves from something no matter how aggressive their methods.”


“How to avoid toxicity, ways to grow and sustain productive relationships and list healthiest ways to end relationships that no longer feel fruitful.”

This book is funny, easy to read, beautiful to look at, down to earth, relateable, something to always refer back to.

Honestly, this book encourages me to continue my journey that I’ve already been on. I’ve removed myself from toxic situations, surrounded myself with a community of people that only make me feel good and encourage me, excused myself from those who don’t, and I’m ultimately preaching if it doesn’t serve you, if it doesn’t make you happy, move on. Life is way too short to be anything less than happy and you should not have to sacrifice your self-worth for those or situations that do nothing for you.

Pick this book up. You’ll learn a lot more about your self.

Love & Light,