My Morning Routine

I have always been an early riser. It’s in my blood. I personally love mornings. They make me feel good. Having kids makes it harder to rise early because of those dreaded nights but I digress. If you do want to know how to make mornings easier, you can read about it here.

My mornings personally go a little like this. . . . .

I am typically up by 7 am. On a good day 6 am, but if we’re being honest, it’s more so after 7. I instantly down a glass of water because water is so good for you first thing in the morning. I also feel very dehydrated first thing. After that, I tend to check on Jordan to see how getting ready for school is going. She may or may not still be asleep at this time, it depends.

She has breakfast, I have coffee. We do our usual get ready for school routine with breakfast, getting dressed, and doing hair. Luckily I don’t have to make her lunch because of meal planning.

Once I have dropped Jordan off for school, Jaxon is usually ready to eat and take his morning nap. During this time is when I get to eat and either scroll through social media, or read my bible study or a book I’m currently reading. I’ve been loving steel cut oats with cocoa powder, brown sugar, and a drip of agave. SO GOOD! Sprinkle with bananas and chia seeds and I’m in love.

Depending on how long his nap is, I’ll actually get dressed and do my hair. I have a really quick makeup routine, so it really doesn’t take me long at all.

By this time, Jaxon is awake and ready to play, so we play! When he’s awake I try not to work unless I have a strict deadline for something. I’ll do some light house cleaning and then we’ll go for a walk.

By his afternoon nap, which is a little longer is when I start my workflow.

What is something you like to do during your morning routine?

Love & Light,