5 Ways I Stay Organized

I do not function well in chaos. I just cannot. I need order! I used to only use pen and paper and folders and stuff to keep organized but it was starting to become overwhelming.

These are 5 things that I use every single day to stay organized and ahead rather than struggling behind.

Personal Planner (Book Form)

Now, I couldn’t just give up my planner notebook. I love this thing. I picked mine up from Urban Outfitters and the inside has a template for the date, today’s objective, a time schedule and a to do list and note section. This was perfect because I would fill it out as I see fit. So each last day of the month, I fill out my planner for the upcoming month. Each week of, I fill out any to dos, etc. for the upcoming week. That way I’m not over committing and spreading myself too thin.

Google Calendar

I have a chalkboard calendar but I love my Google Calendar. It makes it so easy to share your calendar with others and vice versa so you all are always on the same page. Now I know when my husband has meetings, or when there’s a doctor appointment, or when we have a family day trip coming up, or when bills are due. No one forgets with the notification settings. Sometimes the overall view can be overwhelming depending on how much stuff is on the calendar, but you can easily customize what you see.

Google Tasks

This is a new one for me but I like it. I used to waste so much paper creating to do lists. This method lets me save some paper and have it available on my computer and phone. It’s simple, clean, and easy to use. You can set deadlines and sub tasks to bigger tasks. It’s great.


You never know when an idea will strike, so having a virtual notebook is great. I was originally using the memo pad on my phone but when I needed a note or list, I had to share via text, or email, or whatever in order to get it on another device. I no longer have to do all of that if I want to view something on my phone or on my computer. I can even share specific notebooks with my husband or whoever else I want to share with.

Google Drive

I started using this solely for photos which is great because I have a crap ton and I don’t want to keep them all on my phone or on my camera’s memory card so, I store them here. I can access it on my phone or computer and it makes sharing them so easy. You can save documents here as well.

As you can see, I love Google. Overall, I think they’re just a really great company and it makes everything work together so nicely without being overly complicated.

How do you stay organized? Please share!

Love & Light,