Sephora October Play Box 2017

I love Sephora and when I learned that they had a monthly subscription, I was all over it. It's great because it's $10/month for 5 trial sized items plus a bonus item. On top of that, you get a chance to try higher end makeup without reaching deep into your pockets. I personally love trial/mini sized items because it takes me a while to go through makeup and it is travel-friendly. You fill out your personal Play profile to make sure that you get products based off of your concerns and skin needs as well as your complexion.


This month is all about Complexion Companions. The products in this month's box are all about setting your skin up for a flawless look that only takes a few minutes but lasts all day. So there is a prime, cover, and set step with an added concealer and cleansing water. All of the makeup comes in a cute bag and there is a poster guide to explain in more depth about each product. I appreciate the information guide because sometimes you'll get something and have no clue how to use it. The two bonus features this month is a sample of a perfume (more on that later) and 50 bonus Sephora points when you take in your play card and make a purchase (even more on that later).

So let's talk about the products:

Prime: BECCA First Light Filter Face Primer - Becca cosmetics is a really stunning brand known for giving you a glow with their primers and highlighters. It's a violet creme liquid primer that you would apply to clean, moisturized skin. It gives the skin a subtle glow instantly. And don't worry about the color of the primer. It blends very well to where you wouldn't even know it was violet. Also, the color violet is used in color correcting to cancel out yellow tones you may have on the skin.

Cover: MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation Y335 - So many people rave over this foundation and how long-wearing and flawless it looks. The crazy thing is that they offer 40 shades and they matched me perfectly based off of my play profile. It's good for all skin types and leaves you with a satiny, seamless finish. You would apply this with a foundation brush or a beauty sponge starting in the center of your face and blending outwards, building to your preferred amount of coverage.

SET: BAREMINERALS Mineral Veil - This is a translucent mineral powder meant to be used as a last step to set your makeup for an all-day airbrushed matte finish good for all skin types. I personally have not tried it yet but I do know that Bareminerals is known for beautiful natural finishes which is what I like. You would just dump some of the powder into the lid, swirl with a brush and set where needed and you can reapply throughout the day. Remember! You should not apply any liquids on top of a powder or you have basically ruined your makeup.

IT COSMETICS Bye Bye Undereye Illumination - This is a full-coverage, waterproof, anti-aging under-eye concealer. When I say this stuff is full-coverage, it is really full-coverage! A little really does go a long way with this stuff. Personally, it's a little too full-coverage and thick for my liking. 

SEPHORA COLLECTION Triple Action Cleansing Water - This is a micellar cleansing water usually used to help remove makeup and no rinsing is required. I like using this on a cotton round to help remove eye makeup. It doesn't burn my eyes unless I use a lot. Sephora recommends using this before applying your primer to make your makeup go on smoothly and to prevent your pores from clogging.

BONUS! PHILOSOPHY Amazing Grace - This is a fragrance that I have seen everywhere. It's supposed to be a feminine everyday fragrance with fresh floral notes. I personally do not like it.


And there you have this month's box! Now in the box, you'll get a Sephora Play card. It's good for 50  bonus points when you make a purchase in Sephora. I went to my local Sephora because I wanted to take a deeper look into the Make Up For Ever foundation to make sure they really did color match me correctly, and they did. In the process, I saw that they offered a mat velvet + mattifying foundation. They offered fewer shades in this range but they were kind enough to help match me and find my correct shade (which is 40.) I checked out, as usual, received my normal amount of points, showed my play card, and received the bonus 50 points! That easy.

Overall I am very satisfied with the subscription box and excited to see what's to come in the next one. 

Love & Light,