2016: A Year in Review

Dear 2016, you have been quite a year. We've been through some rough times, a lot of rough times actually, but a lot of good has came from you as well. I would say 2016 was all about getting my ducks in a row to prepare for a year full of action and adventures. A lot of loose ends needed to be cut or cleaned up and I had to learn a lot about myself and where I wanted to be, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Let's just say, I'm ready for the new year.

So I picked an event or events, (not many, I promise) for each month to look back upon and I'm sharing my biggest lesson I learned that month.


We were still living in downtown Fredericksburg in Virginia and we had one of the biggest snow storms in awhile. Isn't it beautiful? It was also the month we discovered we'd be moving to Washington DC in the upcoming month.

Biggest Lesson: Embrace change. We had never lived anywhere but in the close quarters of our hometown and this was very different and very frightening. But we wouldn't have experienced the blessings we've received if we didn't embrace change.

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We helped launch a life giving church in Fredericksburg, called Alive Church. & We moved to Washington DC.

Biggest Lesson: You need a community. You need people. We met some amazing people with helping a church launch.  People that have encouraged us, loved us, saved us, and been there, and seen us really grow. It's good to be around people that share the same goals and interests and that turn into family.


We were baptized and we did a dedication for our daughter. We also launched my blog!

Biggest Lesson: Don't wait to be "perfect" to give your life to Christ. It won't ever happen and He doesn't want you to be perfect. He wants you to come as you are. I wasn't going to get baptized that day, but I did.

Also, follow your dreams. If you want to do something, don't wait! Go after it and give it your all, every single day!


Jordan turned four! And we threw her a carnival themed birthday party at our new house.

Biggest Lesson: Make time for family. Have lots of family functions for any and everything because it is the best feeling to gather with family and food.


It was another year of celebrating being a mother for Mother's day and I couldn't be anymore blessed. I love being a mother.

Biggest Lesson: Embrace Motherhood. It' not perfect, it's not easy. It's a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, and usually they are coming from you. But there is a lot of love, laughter, and pure joy from being a mother. Embrace all of it. 

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This was the month we created Sunday adventures and really started exploring the city.

Biggest Lesson: Life is meant to be lived. It should be full of many adventures and you going out of your comfort zone.

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This month was all about self-discovery.

Biggest Lesson: Self-Love. You have to spend time with yourself to truly know what you want and where you want to be. Only you will have the answers, no one else will.

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Jordan started Pre-school!

Biggest Lesson: The best thing you can do for your child is encourage their growth. Learning new things is so important. And I want Jordan to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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This month was all about friendships. I lost a friend, I got closer with others, and made new ones.

Biggest Lessons: Friendship is different for everyone. For me, It's being there for the other person when they need you most or vice versa. You don't have to talk everyday or visit each other every week but the moments you do, cherish them. Give them your all when you have it and love them like family.


This was the first year we didn't take the munchkin trick or treating. Instead, we created a new tradition, where we dress up and have pizza and lots of candy and watch tons of Halloween movies. We also started the tradition to where we're the house that passes out full-sized candy bars.

Biggest Lesson: It's important to have traditions. It's important to embrace old traditions, as well as creating new traditions for your family. They're so much fun and something to look forward to.

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This month was about food and giving.

Biggest Lesson: Show Gratitude. There is so much to be thankful for and we should never forget that. I want to raise my child to be grateful, not entitled.

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This month we had our first big Christmas tree and decorations. It was so fun decorating for the holidays with all of the cheerful music. 

Biggest Lesson: The holidays are not about the materialistic things. Give your time and your energy. Give your love and gratitude.

Alright, there you have it!! My biggest lessons and events throughout the year. I've also linked other blog posts related to each month or the lesson learned, so be sure to check those out. I'm excited for what 2017 will bring. Like I said, this year was all about my foundation and getting my ducks in a row. Now that that is all settled, 2017 can be all about new experiences and adventures. I can't wait!

Be sure to stay tuned for the new year! MeettheDodsons have a lot in store! 

Love & Light!

& Happy New Year!

The Dodsons.