Sunday Adventures: Zoo Lights

I am all for free events. I'm also a big fan of the zoo. So when I heard that the zoo was decorated with Christmas lights and it was free and open to the public, I was all for it and so was my family. We weren't able to go until the last day of the event, which just so happened to be New Year's Day, or shall I say night. It was a lot of fun and it was very cold. 


I invited my sister and her friend to come along. We hopped the metro, walked the streets of DC, and headed to see the zoo lights. It was so pretty seeing all of the lights throughout the park. It wasn't overly crowded to where it was suffocating but there were quite a bit of people, despite the cold. 

It was nice that a few of the indoor animal exhibits were open. There was "snow" tubing and a carousel as well, in which purchased tickets were needed. I believe they were a dollar a ticket.

We sipped hot cocoa, gazed at the lights throughout the zoo then stopped for some chicken strips and fries. Next time I will plan in advance for food because the zoo food is so overly priced, but my munchkin was becoming hangry.

After the walk-through of the zoo, the munchkin was becoming tirgry (tired and angry.) We had to bribe her with a cake pop. So we stopped at DC's first cakepoppery Baked by Yael, right across the street from the zoo. The cake pops and the coffee were delicious! They also offer vegan and gluten free options which is amazing!

We walked back to the metro, took some metro pics and headed home. All in all, our Sunday adventure was a lot of fun. We all cleaned up and headed to bed.

I can't wait to go back again this year.