Book Talk: To All the Boys I've Loved Before

Written by: Jenny Han

So I originally found this book by watching the Netflix film and I instantly fell in love. My husband actually suggested it because Romantic Comedies are our thing. Before the movie was even over, I found myself on Amazon ordering the whole series. I am not ashamed to say the books arrived the next day. Books always include more details and I needed the details. I wanted to fall more in love with each character than I already was.

So the story follows a teenage girl who write 5 love letters to boys she obviously loves but has never told. Well, the letters get out. Could you imagine being in high school and then all of the secret love letters you wrote were sent out, not by you obviously, to each boy and one of them is your sister’s ex! I’d die!

It’s a light, airy, teen novel that pulls at the heart strings and has you laughing the very next sentence. You can’t help but root for Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky because as much as no one else is, you can see that the chemistry between the two is totally there! Kitty is like the little sister you never had and Margot and Josh are bound to get back together.

It’s not only a story of Lara Jean’s letters, it’s a tale of high school friendships and dramas, a bond between three sisters of a single dad because their highly missed mother passed away.

Even if you did watch the movie, you just have to read the book because like I said it’s all about the details. Plus the story ending is completely different than the movie ending and let’s just say I need to start the second book to mend my broken heart.

Love & light,