Fourth Trimester

It all seems like a blur and I honestly should have wrote this a long time ago. I don’t plan to do a birth story. I never wanted to. Each birth is completely different. Each body is completely different. Everyone’s healing is completely different.

Although my labor and delivery went extremely fast if you let my husband tell it, my recovery was a whole different story.

I went into labor at 9 pm. Timed my contractions for an hour. Arrived at the hospital and was admitted around 11 pm being only 4 cm dilated and my water had not broke. They broke it. I gave birth naturally at 3:36 am and my son instantly pooped on me and tried to latch. I cried. I had to received stitches and I suffered from a prolapsed uterus. The last thing I wanted to do was stay in the hospital longer than I had to. We stayed one night and went home the next afternoon. I came home, cried and slept. My husband had to return to work the next day.

I had to recover a lot faster than I intended and to this day I still don’t believe I am completely healed. I mean are we truly ever completely healed? My postpartum phase/recovery and healing is partly why I don’t want another baby.

To make this short and simple, cherish your fourth trimester. Cherish those first 3 months postpartum. Cherish those first 90 days. Get the help that you can to rest and recover and bond with your baby.


Rest should be the lesson during your fourth trimester.

If you haven’t take a look at my top recommended books for pregnancy and postpartum, do so here. If you can, pick up The First Forty Days and use it as a guide for your fourth trimester.

Our bodies are magical. We give life. And with that, we need to treat our bodies as such. Work can wait. Cleaning can wait. Cooking can wait. Order out! haha.

Really guys, the fourth trimester is the beginning chapters into motherhood, cherish them, regardless if this is your first child, third, or even sixth!

Love & Light,