Realistic Expectations for Returning Back to Work

I think I tried talking myself out of returning back to work every day since I got the job all the way up until the morning of orientation. I had an internal battle of “was I really doing the right thing?” Ultimately yes! There are certain goals and dreams that we as a family want to achieve and doing them on just one income isn’t enough unfortunately. Who knows, I may be a stay at home mom again in the future.

I think what really trips people up when returning back to work is that they aren’t honest with themselves. They give themselves these false hopes or expectations, and then when they fall short, it’s like “oh no! I did make the wrong choice!”

So let’s be honest,

Returning back to work is really, really hard. It’s hard to leave your kids behind, especially if you have to hire a babysitter or put them in daycare. It’s hard to keep up with the school schedule, the cleaning schedule, the normal errand & grocery shopping, your work schedule, your spouse’s work schedule, etc. It’s a whole lot that’s going on right now, so expect it be hard! It being hard is okay!

It’s a new transitional phase, not only for you, but also for everyone you’re surrounded by.

But let’s continue being honest,

The chaos will cease, and things will get easier. You and your spouse will find a new routine that works.

You may forget to go grocery shopping and need to order takeout a little more often than you used to. You may forget to sign a permission slip, wash the only pair of jeans you have left, clean your bathrooms, or whatever it may be, and that’s totally okay. Because eventually, something will click, and the bad won’t be so bad. The dirty dishes, or the undone laundry won’t be a burden, and you’re not going to die from eating takeout one extra time this month or even week!

The thing that will make it not seem like chaos anymore, are those precious moments you get to spend with your loved ones. Those moments hearing about your daughter’s day in school. Those moments hearing your son giggle at the dog. Those moments watching your husband sleep next to you in bed. You'll start to cherish the little things a whole lot more.

So yeah it’s going to be hard, and things may be out of whack for a little while and that’s okay. Accept that. Expect that! Just continue to remain present and bask in the moments with your loved ones.

Love & Light,