Newborn Essentials and Faves

It's official! I no longer have a newborn and it is absolutely breaking my heart. Jaxon is a little over 4 months and I am sharing the essentials that helped make newborn life a tad bit easier.

Diapers! Duh! But not just any diapers. Our favorite diapers are the Babyganics brand. Originally we were doing the Honest Subscription service for diapers and wipes and those are absolutely great but if I can save some money, then I am all about it. Target has some really good baby sales to where you can get a Target gift card after spending so much, coupled with the deals on Cartwheel, and I have saved some serious cash! They work great and don't leak during the long stretches at night so in our book, they're a win. 

Water wipes are our choice in baby wipes. Minimum ingredients and they work great! I really do love the Honest wipes as well.

White noise! I never understood what the hype was when it came to white noise until we tried it. It is truly a drug for babies! As soon as we put it on, Jaxon is out and sleeps longer. There are different frequencies of white noise so be sure to find the one that works for your baby. We just tell our Google Home to play white noise and it works like a charm.

Baby mirror for the car. It helps to keep an eye on the baby while you're driving. It is so nerve-racking when you're the only one in the car and can't see what's going on with the baby. Before getting this mirror, I pulled over so much to check on him.

Our Ovia parenting app! We love this app and it has so much helpful information without being overwhelming. Before getting pregnant I used to Ovia Fertility app.

Swaddles! Absolutely stay consistent with swaddling your baby! We swaddled until he was a little over 3 months. We used the muslin blankets for a while but we couldn't get them to stay tight enough and it made us nervous at night. So, we switched over to the Velcro swaddles by Swaddle Me and they worked out great! There are so many different kinds so pick what's right for you and your little one.

I bought my diaper bag on Amazon and I am obsessed with it! It's lightweight and has enough space and pockets to hold absolutely everything I can think of. It looks similar to this one. Unfortunately I can’t find the original.


Our little one suffers from congestion quite a bit so we picked up a humidifier, drug free saline drops by Little Remedies, and the NoseFrida by FridaBaby and that thing is so cool! My husband actually likes using it. Jaxon however, is not a fan, but it does the job. Also, it is not meant to go up the baby's nose! Just at the entrance. I saw a lot of confusion about that.

The Fridababy nail clippers are amazing also! I like the little window to see where I am actually cutting because I am so afraid I am going to nick him.

The Fisher-Price Snug-a-puppy bouncer seat is an absolute lifesaver for when I needed to put Jaxon down and he was refusing to sleep in his bassinet. He loves this bouncer.

The Boppy pillow is so versatile for breastfeeding and for propping. Another must-have in the newborn phase and there after.

Last but not least, a lovey/toy. This helps with soothing and creating a special bond with Jaxon. Jaxon has two Giraffes, one for the car, and one for at home and he is obsessed. He eats it, and coos to it, and it genuinely makes him happy.

So there you have our newborn essentials, many of which we still use today despite him no longer being a newborn. What are some of your newborn essentials?

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Love & Light,