Pregnancy Essentials

I'm sharing my top essentials that helped me get through pregnancy and make the hard moments feel a tad bit easier.

Let's start with an app. I downloaded the Ovia Pregnancy App as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I used the Ovia Fertility App before pregnancy and knew I wanted to continue using the brand. The app is super simple and I love the facts and themes throughout the app. I also learned about some great companies through the app, as well as learning that I can call my health insurance about a breast pump.

There are tons of prenatal vitamins out there and to be honest, my doctor said they all do the same thing, no matter the brand. We went with the Rainbow Light food based prenatal vitamins (vegetarian or vegan). I had been using the women's multivitamin beforehand and knew I wanted to stick with the brand. What can I say, when I like something, I am loyal through and through.

Get a water cup to make sure you are drinking plenty of water! You need to make sure you are drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated. It helps with nausea. I prefer one with a straw because it makes me drink more water. I also set a goal of how many cups to drink and challenge myself to follow through. Try adding lemon to switch things up a bit.

Peppermint tea was a must in my house. If we're being honest, gas is so real during pregnancy and peppermint tea helped with it.

Get yourself some granola bars and stash them everywhere! The pregnancy hunger is really real. I love the Kashi Chewy Granola bars with chocolate, almonds, and sea salt. We buy them in bulk at Costco.

Pregnancy pillow! My husband bought mine for Christmas and it is honestly the best thing that was ever invented! It supports your head, neck, back, legs and knees, and belly all at the SAME time! I still am using it. It does take up your whole bed so you've been warned.

Make sure to buy yourself some chapstick because my lips were so dry throughout pregnancy. The increased water intake should help with that also.

Get yourself some pure cocoa butter for stretch marks and moisturizing.


Last but not least, invest in some clothes for pregnancy and no they do not have to be maternity clothes. You do not want to stretch out your current clothes if possible. I really like the leggings and long line t-shirts from H&M. I didn't even have to size up, but I did for the leggings. My go-to outfit was my leggings, t-shirt, jean jacket, and my converse.

My favorite maternity jeans are from Target. They're the Ingrid & Isabel brand. I chose the ones with the insert, but they also have the crossover belly band.

I really like the Ingrid & Isabel belly band as well. I used it with my pre-pregnancy jeans, which worked out great.

The maternity bras from Target are really nice. Especially the ones by Gilligan & O' Malley.

As always, everything will be linked. But these for sure got me through my pregnancy and I am absolutely in love with each one.

Love & Light,