As a parent I have learned that I lack imagination. Jordan will ask can we play and I'll be sitting there on the floor with a horse in one hand and a doll in the other, trying to think what to do next. It kind of saddens me too. Where did my imagination go? Why is it gone?

With having a child you're required to have an imagination. When we were younger it was easy to pretend that a rock was a cookie, the grass was the ocean, and that the dog was a giant dinosaur trying to eat us. Today as an adult, it's so much harder to pretend. It's easier to put our children in front of a tv with Disney Junior than it is to grab two sticks to pretend we're wizards. It's really sad actually. It's sad to see children crying because they rather play on their ipad rather than run outside. It's sad to see children younger and younger owning cell phones and I didn't own my first phone until I was 12, AND it was a flip phone!

I only pray my daughter doesn't grow up too quickly. That she doesn't lose that imagination and creativity that I see in her every single day. As a parent, I want to inspire it and only make her imagination grow and for her stories to expand. Thinking outside of the box and problem solving and creating can turn into something great. I don't want her to miss out on opportunities because of a lack of imagination because all she wants to do is watch tv. That's not very imaginative.

So even though it seems silly and awkward for me, I walk on all fours pretending to be a dog. I "eat" dirt because it's a yummy soup my daughter has made. We take walks at least once a day, and I make weird noises that I had no idea I could make. Some days I'm not really good at it but with practice and effort, I'm starting to really believe the stories I create. I really see myself in the role that I take on. It's a lot of fun actually. It's not only fun for me but it's fun for my daughter. I'm pretty sure she enjoys seeing her mom run around like a dog, I know I would.

So I ask you, what story have you created recently? Where has your imagination taken you and your child?

Just some food for thought.

Love & Light,