BeautyConNYC 2017

Going to BeautyCon has been one of my biggest dreams. I've been wanting to go for years but it never worked out. Thanks to my amazing husband, he made it happen for me this year and it was amazing!

Disclaimer: I did not take a lot of photos because I wanted to live more in the moment rather than behind a camera, and some of the photos are not the best quality.

My Personal Experience:

I purchased the social package so I could have VIP access to the social lounge as well as the meetups. I also had one hour early entry which was nice. I personally did not fully utilize this package. A lot of the people I wanted to meet were on panels and not in the meet and greet areas. I also did not use the sundae bar and some other amenities, which is fine, I didn't want or need to. However I did receive a beautiful baseball cap and a huge tote bag full of beauty products. I was pleasantly surprised how much went in the tote bag. I mean it made my arm hurt! Now for next year, I believe you can get this same tote bag with the Hauler package, which costs less and gives you 2 hours early entry. I would only do that if there wasn't anyone doing meet and greets in the social lounge. It depends on the experience you are looking for.

Now I also believe you do not need to go around spending all of your coins unless you see a specific item or a specific brand is having a sale (which many were) because of how much you receive in the tote bag.

Go to as many panels as possible! There are so many influencers and celebrities that are on the panels and that give such great advice!

Also socialize and network! Ask questions. Talk to strangers. Exchange social media handles. You'll be surprised what you'll learn and who you'll meet.

I even took part in a casting event with Milk Makeup and I got curly hair advice from some beauties at the Cantu Booth.

Overall it was such a breathtaking experience and I enjoyed every moment.

I met 3 of my favorite influencers who have inspired me in so many ways and I was able to have a decent conversation with them. Their energy was amazing and it was so great to see them and meet them and give them genuine hugs. They give really good hugs! And you can tell they really want to meet you.

I met:

Shannon (boody) Boodram (@shanboody)

Raye Boyce (@Itsmyrayeraye)

Alba Ramos (@Sunkissalba)

If you love the beauty atmosphere and love trying new things and meeting new people, I highly recommend you go because it was such a great experience.

Love & Light Beauties!