Book Talk: Unfiltered


No Shame, No regrets, Just Me.

Lily Collins

I've always thought Lily Collins was a beautiful individual inside and out but this book has solidified it. 

I think every young woman should read this book. It is so inspirational and absolutely relatable. 

Lily talks about everything from her early teenage years to her young adulthood and the current stage she's in.

It confirms that we are not alone in anything that we are going through and that the people that we look up to and admire have gone through whatever we experienced or are currently struggling with now. Just because someone is famous or has a high following on social media, doesn't make them less human. If anything it makes it harder, because their life is on display.

They go through heartbreaks, multiple relationships, family struggles, addictions, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, therapy, finding a job and so much more, just like we all do.

Lily explains a lot of this in her very raw life lessons throughout the book.

This book is exactly why I started a blog and why she wrote this book. It's better when people our age hear from us. We all have a voice that we should proudly use. We all have life lessons that we should share. And we are not alone.

You can purchase the book here or at your local book store.



P.S. Thanks for writing this book Lily.