Pret a Manger

One of the many benefits of living in the city is the diversity of restaurants and coffeehouses. Not just any restaurants and coffehouses, but restaurants and coffeehouses that sell organic, and natural food, that is good for the body. Not only does Pret a Manger have organic coffee and natural food, they donate to charity! How awesome is that!

So I have never been, but my husband has. We had just picked up our new glasses, but instead of the typical Starbucks, we went here. We grabbed some breakfast and coffee and let me say, I'm impressed.

The people were so friendly, the food looked amazing! 

They had salads, sandwiches, chia pudding, oatmeal, juices, smoothies, etc.

Everything looked so good!

Now when I say the food was amazing, I don't mean on some restaurant level type stuff, I mean, for a coffeehouse, that resembles a restaurant, the oatmeal was great, the fruit was fresh, and coffee was right up my ally. You can tell they take pride in their food.

The thing that I really think stands out, is the fact that they don't waste anything, nor do they resell it.

"Fresh food shouldn’t have a nightlife (made today, gone today). But we also think throwing leftovers in the garbage at the end of the day is just madness. So we donate them to charity instead."

If you see a Pret a Manger around, stop by. Be mindful, it is a bit pricey, but the quality is great, and their company is great.

(It's what makes Pret, Pret.)"

Here's the website to really take a look around: Pret a Manger