January Beauty Favorites & Review

I've been trying out some really great products throughout the month. I literally grab for them on a daily basis.

  • I've had this face primer for a few months now. I received it in an ipsy bag, so it is trial sized. I finally decided to give it a try and I like it. It's the Gimme Good Face face primer by Trust Fund Beauty. It feels quite nice on the face and blends well. It also doesn't make my face greasy which is a plus for me. And they are vegan and cruelty free!
  • This is a new blush I picked up in the clearance section of Target. It's the Neutrogena healthy skin blush in 50 Luminous. The package says it is designed to blend evenly and instantly enhance skin's healthy glow. I use it on its own, or I will put it on top of another blush. It really does give my skin a healthy glow.
  • This little tool has been great. I picked it up from TJ Maxx and it is an eyebrow groomer. I use it to trim around my eyebrows, (be careful!) and I use it to remove some facial hair. 
  • I am so late to the Dr. Bronner's pure-castile soap! You can basically use this stuff on anything! I have a big bottle of it in the shower. I have it in the peppermint scent which smells amazing! It literally transforms my bathroom into a spa. It's certified fair trade and made with organic oils which is a huge plus!
  • I've heard great things about banana powders and I was on the Morphe site and was like why not. I use it to set my under eye and sometimes my T-zone. It works great and really sets all of my makeup and help control my oils and longevity of my makeup.
  • This has got to be my favorite purchase this month. I can't help but to constantly reach for this product. It's their concealer and color corrector palette. I thought it was going to be much smaller when I ordered it online and was greatly surprised when it arrived in the mail. The fact that I get color correcting and multiple shades of concealer in one palette is amazing. They are cream products and blend very well. They also do the job! So I am very much satisfied with this product. You can see in the pictures below, just how much I really do use this.

With all the new products and brands I've been trying, these truly have been my favorites of January and I am very much satisfied. I'll link everything I've mentioned, in a list below.


Trust Fund Beauty Gimme Good Face

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blush 50 Luminous

Dr. Bronner's All-one Hemp Peppermint Pure-Castile Soap

Morphe Banana Powder

Morphe 20 Color Contour/Concealer Palette