take air into the lungs and then expel it, especially as a regular physiological process.

be or seem to be alive because of this.

Have you ever got so engrossed in the everyday stress of life or even stressed about a specific thing that it's making you question your sanity? That your mentality seems off and you're so negative and much grouchier than usual? That your body hurts and you're feeling sick? Or that life has become a blur that you're no longer living, just merely existing?

It's because you're forgetting to breathe. Like the definitions stated above, we are alive because we are taking in air through our lungs. Without air, if we were not to breathe, we would not be alive. There's a reason when you're in a frantic and someone says "take a moment, and just breathe." IT"S BECAUSE WE NEED TO!

It helps psychologically as well. If you don't already, when you're in a frenzy, take a pause and just breathe. Take in a deep breath and consistently breathe for about a good 10 to 15 breaths. Feel any difference?

We need it. It's like the air provides a calm over the body. 

I remember being so stressed out that I literally felt like I could not breathe. I thought that air was not coming into my lungs and I just was going crazy. As soon as I took a moment, to close my eyes and focus on the control of my breaths, I had a new outlook on my situation.

I have even seen a difference in the way my daughter's meltdowns change once we tell her to place her hands on her tummy and to count her breaths. 

I'm writing this as a friendly reminder, if you have forgotten, that yes, life is hard and it can kick the air right out of our lungs. But we can't forget to breathe. It's such a natural physiological process that we commonly overlook and downplay the importance of it. 

I recommend a couple times a day, just for a few minutes to really just sit and focus on your breaths. Take deep breaths and be aware of the air entering your lungs. Even if you're not stressed, or having a bad day, practice the control of breathing.

Because when life does get rough, you'll remember to breathe.