Brunch at Ted's Bulletin

We have walked past this restaurant many times but never once walked in. One morning after dropping our munchkin off, I googled really good brunch food near me. Ted's Bulletin popped up and my was Google right about how good their brunch really is. Oh! And they serve breakfast all day!

The people are so friendly and the atmosphere is beautiful. It's so cool how they play old, vintage movies while you eat.

We ordered two milkshakes, vanilla and blueberry pie and oh my! They were so good. They even give you the leftovers rather than wasting it.

I order the Chicken and biscuits. It comes with 3 biscuits and the chicken drizzled in honey, mambo sauce and hash browns. It was absolutely fantastic and I ate until my stomach burst. My husband had to eat one of the biscuits, I was only able to get through 2. My husband ordered The Big Mark Breakfast which came with eggs, bacon, sausage patties, hash browns, toast, and a homemade cheesecake Ted's Tart. The Ted's tart reminded me of a homemade poptart. He started eating as soon as the plate hit the table. (SAVAGE!)

Everything was so good and we will be going back quite often.