Seeing in Color Again

"the storm can be just as beautiful as the rainbow, honor them both." -Alex Elle

I've been absent lately. I've been missing to my family, my friends, my daughter, and my other half. I literally was just existing. I wasn't living. I saw everything in black and white. There was no color in my mind. There was no inspiration, no positive energy. I was letting my storm consume me. Hence why I haven't been writing. I started my blog to be an inspiration to others. I am inspired by reading the experiences of others and hope that others will be inspired by mine. I feel like life is a learning process and we too must learn from our storms. 

I've been doing a lot of reading and soul searching lately. I'm a loner. I don't have many friends, I don't go out often, and I'm usually not the one to engage a stranger. This needed to change. 

I took a look in the mirror and said, "today is a new day, and it's time to face your demons babe."

And facing my demons was not easy. I had to change my perspective every single day and see some type of color in my black and white mind. This took patience.

If negativity struck, I googled positive quotes and wrote them on post its.

If nagging my other half on something small popped up, I complimented him on something greater.

If scolding my daughter on a small incident occurred, I applauded her on something bigger.

I took time to learn what I like about myself and what I want to change, and trust me I still have a lot more learning to do. 

I made an effort to reach out to old friends I don't talk to anymore. I let go of some friends that I needed to love from a distance. I send "i love you" texts or "have a great day" to family members just because. I sit and watch my daughter play in the bath tub instead of cleaning. And I started writing in journals again because it helps clear my mind. 

I take daily walks now, although I strongly dislike going places alone. I encourage myself to smile although I usually carry a resting bitch face, and yes, I even say hello to a random stranger here and there.

I'm starting to see color again. I'm starting to see what I set out to do with this blog, with my life. I still don't see the full picture yet, and a lot of things seem black and white, but the pops of color are being revealed, and with some patience and positive vibes, I'll see in full color again.

And I challenge everyone to see the rainbow through the storm, if you can't see it physically in front of you, imagine it. Create it.

Light and Love, enjoy!