A Whirlwind of a Sunday & Another OOTD

Today has been a whirlwind. It has had its ups and its down. We experienced two amazing coffee shops, found a new park, saw different parts of northeast DC and took some amazing street style photos. And I am sharing my whirlwind of a day with you.

We woke up with every intention of going to church this morning. We made breakfast tacos, got dressed and were ready to face the day. We realized before walking out the door that we missed the 9:00 service and would go to the 10:30 service, the one we're used to. In the spare time we would walk over to Jacob's coffeehouse over on D and 8th street to grab some green tea bubble teas which I am now obsessed with. Jacob's coffeehouse is a cute little shop and I can't wait to try their actual coffee after my bubble tea obsession is over. We sat on their side patio and enjoyed our tea and conversation when Jordan completely blew our mind when she pointed to the sign and said "coffeehouse." We had never called it a coffeehouse and the fact that she read it had us thinking can our four year old read or did she hear it somewhere. It was pretty great!

We now decided to head to church near Eastern Market, but instead of backtracking, we decided to try a new route. Johnathan felt pretty sure we were headed in the right direction. We weren't. We are now on H street somehow, how, I have no idea. My feet are killing me by now in my sandals and Jordan keeps stopping on every corner to sit, asking, "Mommy, can we sit a minute?" By now, the 10:30 service appears to be a distant memory.

We google the nearest metro station which so happens to be union station to catch the train. How in the world did we end up near union station???? On the way Johnathan swears he knows the way now. He remembers where Ebeneezer coffeehouse is, which is the coffeehouse of our church we go to, and we head that way. By the time we reach the coffeehouse, Jordan and  I refuse to walk anymore and we stop for some coffee. That coffeehouse is beautiful! It's located on F and 2nd st and I am in love! It is so beautiful and fresh and just carries such an uplifting vibe. And the cold brew is the best cold brew I've had so far!

10:30 service has passed, my positive vibes were gone and Jordan was just plain whiny. What should have been a 30 minute walk turned into 3 hours later. We were still a 30 minute walk home but we stuck it out. Our best intentions to go to church this morning didn't turn out so well. 

We saw a beautiful alley and captured some outfit of the day photos. Walked another half mile and ran into Stanton Park where Jordan saw kids and a playground and was instantly recharged full of energy.

outfit details:

Jumper: Marshall's || Shoes: Marshall's

We played for a little while on the slides and the seesaw. This was my first time seeing an actual seesaw at a park and I was in love and so was Jordan. It was great. We then hoofed it down C street until some buildings became familiar then it was the last home stretch of half a mile and we were never so happy to be home. We ate lunch and then nap time approached us.

Today has been quite an adventure. We came across a lot of new places we were not familiar with but all in all today was a great whirlwind of a day.

Definitely check out those coffeehouses they're great!