Sunday Adventures: Finally Decorating for Christmas

Tis' the season to finally decorate like you've lost your mind. Christmas seems to be the holiday my family most gets excited for. It's also the only time my husband wants to help decorate. This Christmas is a little more special for us because it's our first Christmas buying our very own Christmas Tree. Last year my grandma gave us a "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree, but this year we bought our very own. The Charlie Brown tree is now for Jordan to decorate and play with. 

Here's how the day went:

So this Sunday, we went to a new campus of our church. We knew we were going to be in Alexandria so why not try out the Alexandria campus and actually be on time for church. After church we grabbed some lunch at Chipotle and then we were supposed to go see Moana. Keywords: "supposed to." It sucks so bad when things don't go as planned. We ended up not going because Jordan was being the worst brat imaginable. So we agreed that Moana was not the move. Jordan thought she was entitled to go. That's not the case at all. We were being nice and decided it would be a fun activity to do as a family. I mean who doesn't love popcorn and chocolate covered raisins? It was bittersweet for Johnathan and I because we wanted to see it more than she did, but we had to stand our ground and show her we were firm in our decision because honestly, we would have just gave in. We're trying to fix that. She eventually calmed down.

Off to the next planned thing! 

It was time to get our Christmas tree! We wanted a nice Christmas tree that didn't cost an arm and a leg. We tried Target and no luck. So off to Home Depot we went. I saw a 6.5 ft tree for only $49! And, it had white lights on it! At first, no one could find the tree, but with the help of this really nice lady she helped find our tree. Not only did she help find our tree but gave us 101 ornaments for 50% off because the container had busted open. There was nothing wrong with the ornaments and they went with our red and gold theme! SCORE! Let's just say Home Depot was a success.

SO, we went home, made some tea, turned on some Christmas music and got to work on our holiday decorating. It was just so much fun singing and dancing and just really spending time together as a family. It was also stressful. I would cover up a sparse area with branches and Jordan would go behind me, trying to help, and undo what I just did. We eventually told her to go redecorate her own tree. Hours later, we were standing in a winter wonderland.

I'll have a blog post up soon, to share some easy and inexpensive DIY holiday decorations to spruce up your living area. And check here for a DIY Christmas wreath.