November in Review

November was a busy month for us. We made many trips to Virginia, voted for the first time, explored our new city a little more, I turned 22, we lost our dog and of course there was Thanksgiving. 

November 6th: Trip to Botanic Gardens

This was such a fun trip for us. We are really enjoying the fact that DC offers a lot of family friendly places that are free. We aren't used to this so we're trying to really get out there more and see what our new city has to offer. We've been here for almost a year and there's still so much we haven't seen. You can read more about this adventure here.

November 8th: Election Day & First trip back to Virginia in a While

This Election day was our first time being able to vote. The last election we were too young so this was an exciting day for us. Johnathan hasn't yet moved all of his stuff over and was still registered to vote in Virginia, so after I voted in DC, we were off to the polls in our hometown. After voting we decided to spend the day with our girls. Johnathan has three younger sisters that we love so much and basically consider our own. So we scooped them up, picked up some Benny's Pizza, and headed to Old Mill Park. We ran around the park, walked by the river and took some pictures near the dam. It was a great time for us all.

November 12th: My 22nd Birthday

This had to be the best birthday I've had in awhile. My husband had my very first edible arrangement delivered the night before as well as bringing home dinner which was so good. We went to go see Doctor Strange and had sushi and teriyaki chicken at a very cool restaurant for lunch. We then headed home for a Marvel movie marathon. It was such a chill time but I felt so much love and appreciation. I am still very young but I have also dealt with and am experiencing things many 22 year olds do not experience or have never dealt with. I'm an old soul. You can read about my 22 lessons I've learned here and here.

November 17th: We lost our dog

Meet Leia. She is 8 months old and we adopted her in June. She was a rescue dog. Johnathan went to go walk her and our other dog Kolby, like he does every night right after Jordan heads to bed and before we do. Well she shook her leash while Kolby was using the bathroom and took off. There were these sweet dog owners nearby that tried to help Johnathan catch her. I got a call that the dog owners were holding Kolby up the street and he was out running after Leia. I was so angry but crying all at the same time. Honestly, I thought we had lost both because I didn't know if the couple were going to take Kolby or not. Luckily they didn't. I went to go get Kolby and Johnathan eventually came home without Leia. We were heartbroken. I knew she had a chip but I hand't registered it yet so I was trying to figure that out. It was a success. Thank God it was because the next day we got a call from a vet, saying her client had found our dog. She found her, took her home, then took her to the vet the next morning to have her scanned. We are so blessed that Leia was found by such a nice lady who was also a dog owner and understood. Let's just say we went and bought a new collar and harness to prevent that from happening again.

November 21st: Jordan's first Thanksgiving potluck

Jordan, our daughter, is in pre-k 4 and had her first Thanksgiving potluck. It was so nice. Each family bought a dish or supplies, the kids made a poster showing what they are thankful for, and we just got to really enjoy each other's company. We got a chance to really know the children and their families. It melted my heart to see Jordan say she was thankful for her friends. This is her first time being around small people and really developing a relationship with them. I wrote a few blog posts about my parenting jitters before she started school here and here.

November 24th: Thanksgiving

Let's just say we ate a lot of food and put up Johnathan's grandparents' Christmas tree for them. And I can't forget about the leftovers we were able to bring home. I explain more on how we split the holidays here. Also, we started a new family tradition called the gratitude jar. And it's not just for Thanksgiving, it's a year long thing because I never want to go a day without being thankful. You can read more about it here.

The holidays always seem to be a busy time so I'm sure December will be just as busy as November was. I know I linked a lot of other posts for you to read but that's the point. I am here to share my life experiences with you and hope that you can find a connection or a lesson or even some inspiration from them.