Back At It With the Sunday Adventures

During the summer months we were big on making Sunday adventures a priority. With the work and school responsibilities, we left Sundays for catching up rather than exploring.

We're bringing them back!


It is so important to make family time a priority. Yes, it is great to dedicate a specific time each day for it, but, I encourage you to dedicate a whole day for your family. No distractions such as TV, phones, or the internet, but just focusing on creating moments. 

I encourage you to do new things, to go out of your comfort zone a bit. Every Sunday we go to church, go to our favorite restaurant, just because their food is so good, then pick a new destination around the city. It gives us something to look forward to.

Today we went to the Botanical Garden. It's a big greenhouse basically. It was so fun to see the different plants, and water fountains, and sculptures. They have different sculptures of the monuments and museums throughout the city, made out of wood, displayed throughout the garden. They also have different exhibits such as, the tropical rain forest, the desert, Hawaii, and a children's garden. The climate even changes in each exhibit!

This was the Lincoln Memorial. Abe was even inside! It was so awesome and beautiful to look at.

This was the Lincoln Memorial. Abe was even inside! It was so awesome and beautiful to look at.

We spent much of our time in the children's garden because it was hands on for Jordan. She has a thing for flowers. She could dig in dirt, plant flowers, water flowers, walk on rocks, go through a tunnel of plants and just really do what kids do best, get dirty. (She didn't get too dirty, thank goodness!)

It was a good bonding experience for us all. We really committed to having a full day for just us. Also, it means a morning full of adventures, leads to an afternoon full of naps. 

I can't wait to see what next Sunday has in store for us. We will need to start looking for indoor adventures as the days begin to get colder.