Date Your Spouse

There's this saying that love dies after marriage which is such a negative, sad, saying. It gives marriage a bad name. Love should not die. It shouldn't even come close. 

I know it is so easy to get consumed into kids, work, your pets, house chores, community service, church and so on, but don't forget about your spouse. Don't forget to get engrossed in your spouse too. It seems mandatory to make time for dates and outings and romantic gestures while dating and should be mandatory without question when you're married.

You do not have to go out and spend big bucks on a date!

Pick a day or days throughout the month and designate them as date day/night, no excuses!

It can be a breakfast, lunch, coffee, or dinner date. A Netflix binge date. A board game date. A sit next to each other and read your favorite book date. Go visit museums. Go see a movie. Go on a drive. Just set a designated time where you are engrossed in your spouse.

Johnathan had just started his new job and was so stressed. I went out, bought us matching t-shirts and shorts, popcorn, our favorite candy, and a gift bag with a bow. I laid everything out on the bed, with a card, waited for him to get home, go upstairs and change and heard a big "BABE!!!" coming from upstairs. He was so ecstatic. We binged watched Netflix that night and it was great.

We often times, on his days off, after dropping Jordan off at school, go get coffee and just talk or people watch. Mostly people watch. We're a little weird. 

Fun Fact: We've only gone to see a movie twice since dating/being together. Twice in 5 years! So going to the movies is not your only option!

Today we dropped the munchkin off at school, hopped the metro and visited a FREE museum. We started at the museum of natural history, grabbed lunch, went to the sculpture garden then to the museum of art which was our favorite. Mostly we spent much of the day walking outside and making fun of each other. We always seem to end up miles and miles away from where we started. But the best part is, we only spent money on lunch and coffee. If we wanted we could have easily packed a lunch and had a picnic as well.

There are even subscription boxes out there to try for fun creative date nights. We really want to try Date Crate but they're always sold out of the one I want to try.

Just be creative. Only you know your spouse the way you do, so dig deep and have fun!