Children's Book Talk: Max

It's no secret that Jordan loves to read. I have been reading to her since she was still in my womb. We read all the time. In the morning, before nap time, before bed, or just because. I remember for her fourth birthday party she went missing and we found her upstairs in her room reading a book.

Max the Cat has taken over our hearts. Ed Vere is an artist who sometimes writes books and these books are our current favorites.

We often go to Barnes & Noble to pick up new books, usually in the clearance section and B&N will usually have a specific book on sale for $7.99 with purchase of any children's book. So we picked up Max. This cute and curious cat is determined to be a real cat and chase mice but the question is, what is a mouse? He has no idea. So we follow Max throughout the book looking for mouse. 

When we found out that Vere came out with the second book on Max we were on the hunt for it. Unfortunately Max was not $7.99 this time we went to B&N but we just love Max so much we reasoned to buy him anyway.

Jordan recently took Max at Night to school for Show and Tell.

It's just a fun and adorable book that children of all ages will enjoy.

We highly recommend these books for you and your family to enjoy. Just click on the images below if you're interested.